Here are a few links to articles written by Christina (or interviews of Christina):

(The list is not comprehensive.)

Stepping Stones to Writing Success

New Possibilities for a New Year

Honoring Elderly Loved Ones: Upholding Dignity as Health Diminishes

Easter: From Doubt to Joy

Connections Interview: Resolving Doubts

Finding Champions for Your Book

Seven Key Members of a Writer’s Team

Becoming Social Media Savvy

The Writer as Historian

Enjoying Variety in Writing

Writing with Style

Conquering the Blank Page

Balancing Clarity and Detail in Writing

The Science of Doubt

Reshaping Beauty: The Ethics of Aesthetic Enhancements

Marketing: Sharing the Treasure You Discovered

Leadership Insights for Writers

The Season of Harvest Will Come

Organizing Ideas into an Outline

Capturing a Moment from the Past

Neonatal Ethics: Deciding Whether or Not to Intervene

The Journey from Idea to Bookstore

Celebrating Together

Science and the Pulpit: Ministering to Scientifically Literate People

Science and the Pew

Nanotechnology: Small Objects of Great Importance

Guidelines for Making Sense of Science in the Media

A Mother’s Heart

Dementia and Caregiving: Remembering Spiritual Needs

Environmental Ethics: Tending the Garden for Our Health

The Promises and Perils of Personalized Medicine

Bioethics by the Bedside: Principles for Pastoral Care

Biotechnology: Becoming Responsible Stewards of Knowledge

Human Enhancement: Could Becoming Better Make Us Worse?

Church Planting Journal: A Shepherd’s Heart

Respecting Life While Determining Death

Neuroethics: Moral Implications of Meddling with the Mind

Winning in the Twelfth Inning

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Interrelationship of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Science and Spiritual Matters: Drawing the Appropriate Line

The Bioethics Behind Health Care Reform

Connecting the Dots

Finding Answers Together

The Power of a Good Question

Which Butterfly Caused the Tornado?



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