Articles, Interviews, and Guest Blog Posts

Here are a few links to articles written by Dr. Christina M. H. Powell (or interviews of Dr. Christina M. H. Powell):

(The list is not comprehensive.)

Blog Posts written for the literary agency that represents Christina:

Preparing for Your Next Book Launch

Making Connections as a Writer

Connecting with People at Conventions

Stepping Stones to Writing Success

New Possibilities for a New Year

Easter: From Doubt to Joy

Finding Champions for Your Book

Seven Key Members of a Writer’s Team

Becoming Social Media Savvy

The Writer as Historian

Enjoying Variety in Writing

Writing with Style

Conquering the Blank Page

Balancing Clarity and Detail in Writing

Marketing: Sharing the Treasure You Discovered

Leadership Insights for Writers

The Season of Harvest Will Come

Organizing Ideas into an Outline

Capturing a Moment from the Past

The Journey from Idea to Bookstore

Christianity Today Publications:

Inside the Protein that Ponders: Even cells need time to pause and reflect

Archived Assemblies of God Publications:

The Science of Doubt

Assemblies of God Publications (Find a subset of the content here):

Gene Testing: Helpful Knowledge or Harmful Information (Summer 2006 – written 2005)

Complementary, Conventional and Alternative Approaches to Healing (Spring 2007 – written 2006)

Biotechnology: Becoming Responsible Stewards of Knowledge

Human Enhancement: Could Becoming Better Make Us Worse?

The Promises and Perils of Personalized Medicine

Bioethics by the Bedside: Principles for Pastoral Care

Environmental Ethics: Tending the Garden for Our Health

Nanotechnology: Small Objects of Great Importance

Honoring Elderly Loved Ones: Upholding Dignity as Health Diminishes

Reshaping Beauty: The Ethics of Aesthetic Enhancements

Guidelines for Making Sense of Science in the Media

Dementia and Caregiving: Remembering Spiritual Needs

Neonatal Ethics: Deciding Whether or Not to Intervene

The Emotional Health Needs of Young Adults and Singles

Connections Interview: Resolving Doubts

Science and the Pew

Science and the Pulpit: Ministering to Scientifically Literate People

A Mother’s Heart (May 9, 2010)

Church Planting Journal: A Shepherd’s Heart

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Interrelationship of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

Science and Spiritual Matters: Drawing the Appropriate Line

The Bioethics Behind Health Care Reform

Neuroethics: Moral Implications of Meddling with the Mind

Respecting Life While Determining Death

Being Human: How Should We Define Life and Personhood? (republished in 2018 here)

Assemblies of God Website Article:

Celebrating Together

Original Blog Links:

Connecting the Dots

Finding Answers Together

The Power of a Good Question

Which Butterfly Caused the Tornado?

Winning in the Twelfth Inning

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