Reader Questions

The Value of a Sparrow

Someone visited my blog and asked: “Who set the market value of sparrows in Jesus’s time? What where sparrows used for? Modern farmers see them as a liability to be exterminated to control over population. From a supply and demand analysis, sparrows would be worthless. Why would a market exist in the first place? Therefore my question is why were they given monetary value at all?”

Blair, apologies for taking a while to reply to you, but here goes: Sparrows were indeed of very little value (Luke 12:6). People at the poverty line in Biblical times who could not afford to buy a lamb or a goat could buy sparrows to offer as sacrifices at the temple. Sparrows could also be used as a very inexpensive food source. Thus, sparrows had some monetary value in the markets. However, God does not forget the sparrow. So, if God takes notice of a sparrow, how much more will He care for you?