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The Faith Mindset of Today’s University Students

Faith may be unchanging, but each generation is influenced by the current events they experience as they become young adults. The current generation of university students have had their views on the world we live in shaped by the global pandemic, new international conflicts, and our political environment.

Of course, each generation is also influenced by the actions of the generation before. Today’s students are taking notes on the leaders of the previous generation. To university students reading this blog, you have the right to take these notes. To those of us past our college years, let us provide the rising generation with positive examples. No one should expect perfection, but each generation should strive for the best.


Christina M. H. Powell PhD

Dr. Christina M. H. Powell, PhD works in the pharmaceutical industry and is also an ordained Assemblies of God minister and public speaker. She trained as a biomedical research scientist at Harvard Medical School, Harvard University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry is from Penn State University.

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