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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day 2020! I hope all women who are moms can relate to Proverbs 31:25 today. I know women experience this holiday differently, as I have myself during different seasons of my life.

In my early twenties, married and working long hours as a cancer researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and leading a youth group at my local church as a volunteer, the holiday was a day to stand out as different in my church community. The majority of the women in my church were young mothers who did not understand a woman studying to be a scientist. Some looked for every opportunity to belittle my decision to pursue an advanced degree instead of starting a family. I knew at the time that their behavior was a means of making them feel better about themselves at my expense. However, interactions with them were never pleasant. When my mother died of cancer, Mother’s Day was a reminder of loss and a day of longing for a future when I would have children of my own.

Of course, today I enjoy celebrating Mother’s Day with my own beautiful daughters and remember my own mother, dead for more than twenty-four years, with fond memories but no lingering sadness. Thus, I encourage all women to celebrate Mother’s Day today. Celebrate the gift of life given to you by your Mother, whether she is still here to celebrate with you or has gone to her heavenly home. Celebrate the women around you who are mothers, for they give all of us the gift of new life in our society. If your own day is still one of longing or of grief, please remember that there will be different seasons of this holiday for you. For now, celebrate for others. For the women who will remain childless, celebrate how you “mother” the generation to come, either in your profession or as a volunteer. You are valuable and loved. Blessings to all!

Expectations Journey

Reflections on Publishing

Five years ago, InterVarsity Press published my book, “Questioning Your Doubts: A Harvard PhD Explores Challenges to Faith”. I hope the book has been a blessing to its readers and will continue to bless new readers in 2020 and beyond. Since writing the book, I have had the opportunity to travel across the country and speak with individuals who have read the book and know a little of my life story from the illustrations the book contains. Many of these people have become my friends. These people remind me why writing is worth the time and effort.

A book has a life of its own and takes you on a journey beyond what you plan as an author. Many of the individuals who participated in the creation of the book (marketing, design, and original reviewers) have retired or moved on to new positions. I wish all of you well and want to thank you once more for your role in the publication of the book. You were an amazing team.

As for me, on occasion I have reread parts of my own book from the perspective of a reader. In its pages, I have found the courage to pursue goals, keep faith alive, and experience joyful laughter at God’s faithfulness beyond what humans can ever dream.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! – Christina M. H. Powell, PhD

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  • A book has a life of its own and takes you on a journey beyond what you plan as an author.  Buffer